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  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
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  • Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing
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Exploit your valuable data by incorporating sophisticated machine learning methods.

Company study

We start by studying the company's activities and needs. Identifying all available data, structured or not is key to addressing tasks.

Data analysis

By analysing your data, we realize the current level of the business digital status.

Identifying problem or hidden value

Locate opportunities and gaps that were not considered previously.

Applying solution

Integrate our applied solution powered by AI into your business model.


BLUAI is a Greek company, founded in 2020, in order to cover the needs for new smart business tools. We provide numerous solutions for task-specific problems as well as general AI tools which can automate routine processes.

Machine Translation

Translate websites or documents with state-of-the-art machine translation systems.

Text Classification

Classify and sort automatically your documents to categories.

Predictive Maintenance

Detect possible future failures of machines based on sensor data.

Named Entity Recognition

Locate and identify named entities in unstructured text.

Text Summarization

Summarize your meetings and documents to meaningful notes.

Event Detection

Detect events and trends real-time in data streams.

Medical NLP

We study and extract value out of your medical data.


Take minutes of all your meetings automatically.

Recommendation Systems

Recommend relative products to users based on their purchases.


Our current projects involve large public institutions and universities.

Medical Knowledge Extraction via Word Embeddings

Knowledge Extraction based on Natural Language Processing coupled with advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques offers a clear benefit to retrieve and exploit information available in medical raw text data. Distributed word representations have become an essential foundation for biomedical natural language processing (BioNLP) allowing text mining, reasoning and ontologies development from scratch. In this project, we review state-of-the-art approaches for word embeddings (WE) applied to medical terminologies, showing the current advances and limitations of the prevalent techniques for the French language.

Machine Translation for Medical Terminologies

Medical terminologies resources and standards play vital roles in clinical data exchanges, enabling significantly the services’ interoperability within health national information networks. Health and medical science are constantly evolving causing requirements to advance the terminologies editions. In this project, we focused on translating medical terminologies with machine translation techniques.

Our paper work has been accepted for presentation at the 11th International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis (LOUHI), colocated with EMNLP 2020. You can find the published paper here: LOUHI paper

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our proposed solutions.

  • Where can Machine Learning(ML) be used?

    ML can be used for:

    • recommending products or services via recommendation systems based on user behavior
    • predictive maintenance, where detecting possible future failures of machines based on sensor data,
    • demand/prices/consumption prediction based on historical data and other variables
    • fraud detection: detecting fraudelent and suspicious transactions

  • NLP can be used for numerous tasks like: automatic summarization of texts, automatic notes from spoken language, bots analyzing the content of e-mails and replying to chat messages, Recommendation of similar documents based on their content, Automatic opinion analysis about a product based on reviews posted in the Internet

  • We build our plan depending on your needs and requirements. Together with your company we design a customized solution to address your task.


Send us your ideas and we will work together to bring AI to your business.